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A. Alizadeh (USA)
S.Barrington (UK)
F.Bodere (France)
O.Casasnovas ( France)
B.Cheson (USA)
U.Duhrsen (Germany)
A.Engert (Germany)
M Federico (Italy)
A.Gallamini (Italy)
C.Haioun (France)
M.Hutchings (Denmark)
L.Kostakoglu (USA)
A.Lister (UK)
S.Luminari (Italy)
Ph. Moreau (France)
M. Meignan (France)
W Oyen (The Netherlands)
A.Polliack (Israel)
A. Rahmouni (France)
L. Rigacci (Italy)
G.Salles (France)
S Stroobants (Belgium)
J.Trotman (Australia)
Th.Vander Borght (Belgium)
A Versari (Italy)
A.Younes (USA)
E. Zamagni (Italy)
E.Zucca (Switzerland).
J.San Miguel (Spain)

Welcome to Menton 2020

Save the date September 13-15, 2020

First announcement

Dear Colleagues

We are happy to announce the 8th international workshop on PET in lymphoma and myeloma (PILM2020), which will be held in Menton, France, September 13-15, 2020. Against the odds, a plethora of new issues is renewing the interest of clinicians, nuclear medicine doctors and physicists for PET and in general for medical imaging in lymphoma. The plenary session will include the following main topics: (1) PET and CART-cell in lymphoma, (2) the international project for MTV validation in lymphoma, which was launched during the 2018 edition of PILM; (3) Relationship between MTV and liquid biopsy in tumor burden assessment; (4) Relationship of MRD and PET for response assessment in lymphoma; (5) International criteria for PET reporting in Multiple Myeloma; (6) updated results on the use of radiomics in lymphoma; (7) FDG-PET in MCL and MZL (results of the study planned during the PILM 2018). As in the previous editions of PILM a poster session is planned, and the most interesting selected abstracts will be presented by the Authors. Finally, a brief overview of the ongoing PET base trials and projects will close the meeting.

The on-line registrations will start on January 6, 2020. All information will be on the website of the PILM http://www.lymphomapet.com

We hope that with such interesting agenda and thanks to your active contribution, the PILM 2020 will be even more exciting than the previous edition of the meeting. As consolidated tradition of PILM, a substantial time slot will be allowed for the discussion, as we trust on the informal format of the meeting and the friendly atmosphere of the discussion as the main reason of the success of PILM. Looking forwards to seeing you in Menton

Best regards

Michel Meignan michel.meignan-ext@aphp.fr

Corinne Haioun corinne.haioun@aphp.fr

Andrea Gallamini andreagallamini@gmail.com

Luigi Rigacci LRigacci@scamilloforlanini.rm.it

Executive committee of the 2019 meeting :
Alina Berriolo, Anne Ségolène Cottereau, Salim Kanoun, Cristina Nanni,
Olivier Casasnovas, Stefano Luminari, Annibale Versari.

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