Friday October 5th: Plenary

7.15: Poster set-up.  Breakfast

8.00- 8.15: Openings (A. Gallamini, M. Meignan, C. Haioun)

8.30- 10.00: PET Imaging criteria in Myeloma and expert panel discussion:

E.Zamagni (Italy) , C.Nanni (Italy) , Ph. Moreau (France), F. Bodere (France), A Versari (Italy), C. Bodet-Milin (France)

Chair S Barrington (UK), M Meignan (France)

10.00-10.15: Coffee break,

10.15-12.00: Poster walking in the Forum de France and simultaneously TMTV measurement training.

12.00-12.30: MRD and PET in myeloma:  E. Zamagni (Italy) , Ph Moreau (France)

Chair: E Dann (Israel), J Ziljstraa (ND)

12.30-13.00:  Volumes and B-cell phenotype in DLBCL: L Kostakoglu (US) , AS Cottereau (France),

Chair: H Tilly (France), S Stroobants (Belgium)

13.00-14.00: Lunch

14.00-15.00: TMTV and ct DNA in lymphoma.   A.Alizadeh (USA) , Chair: C.Haioun (France), H Schoder (USA)

15.00- 16.00: TMTV clinical results (from expert session): DLBCL : O Casasnovas (France) , HL:  A Moskowitz (USA), FL:  J Trotman (Australia) , 10min oral presentations and panel discussion: L Rigacci (Italy), G Mikhaeel (UK), D Kurtz (USA), L Schwartz (USA), AS Cottereau (France), A Moskowitz (USA) , S. Barrington (UK), O. Casasnovas (France).

Chair: M Hutchings (DK), J Trotman (Australia)

16.00-16.30 Coffee break

16.30-18.00: TMTV measurement (from expert session). Can we use TMTV? What is expected? : G Mikhaeel (UK) , How to choose a method for TMTV measurement in lymphoma: I Buvat (France) , What is expected from an automatic software to compute metabolic volume: H Schoder (USA) ,  10 min oral presentations and panel discussion:  S.Kanoun (France), I.Buvat (France), R Boellaard (NL) L.Guerra (Italy), S.Barrington (UK), S. Chauvie (Italy), A Versari, H. Schöder (USA), M Meignan (France).

Chair: C Kobe (Germany), J Zaucha (Poland)

9th international workshop on PET in lymphoma and myeloma (PILM 2023)